"1st time taking Hans' TWF class, paid off $200,000 personal partnership debt, paid off $100,000 balance on mortgage, kept driving my 2006 Ford pick up 250,000 miles vs buying new depreciating truck. Bought $50,000 gold and stored out of US. Also bought $5000.00 silver for personal trade should bank account be frozen. Reviewed my will, trusts to better understand tax benefits and probate protections. Funded trust with $30,000 for my grandson in money market. Took advantage of tax break and expense write off by moving hunting lease from personal to business. Already actively loaning cash in short term loans into partnership for interest income. After my 2nd time taking Hans' TWF class, I realized balance sheet bloated with non cash flow assets, developed 3 year plan to start moving cash up to partners for investments. Developed 3 year succession plan to transition out of day to day operations and gradually reduce salary (earned income) as develop cash flow from investments (passive income). Currently turning for sale property into rental property with some of cash coming from balance sheet this year. Thank you Hans! You have been a real blessing to my life!"

~ Chris Arthur


"Asked a 70 year old man here in Kansas what he does for investing. His response? "My financial planner takes care of all of that". Hans Johnson, thank you for teaching me the right way. Forever grateful. It's been only a few months and I've already nearly doubled my wealth account. I'm still finding my wings with this but am so thankful to have you as my mentor. I have a benchmark in mind to hit and as a reward will join the monthly coaching call. Blessings to you!"

~ Graham Eldred


"Dear Hans Johnson, thank you so much for making TWF available and so affordable. My journey to FSTS, Dynasty and your TWF classes has been so hard but worth it. It has been like going through an emotional meat grinder trying to find the truth. Because I threw my ego out the door and showed up at Dynasty to learn something, my family has been blessed in so many ways. Thank you so much for loving on my family and creating an environment where people love on each other. Jesus came to seek and save the lost and I see His heart in you. When you offered the TWF classes I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and join the community of true wealth builders. I personally have a lot of growth to do in the area of finances. I lack in knoweledge and skill in the area of money management. For me your first class was worth thousands of dollars. Teaching us to pursue cash flow assets instead of wasting our families wealth on consumerism or depritiating assets was life changing for me. Also, how you give your time and knoweledge so freely means a lot. The world is full of people that need the message of hope you share. They are living in the same mess I have lived in and need a helping hand. My goal is to become financially free so first of all I can be an example to my kids of what a good steward looks like and also so I can be free to travel where ever He leads me, so that I can share the hope that is within me. Thank you again for teaching a much needed lesson on the right way to manage money."

~ Josh Puccio


"Since the TWF course, I have been making some huge strides. I am in the process of transferring my mutual funds over to another investment option. I have a deep seated burning desire to help others who are so lost, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market, our home in Puerto Rico, and what you're teaching goes along the line on what's in my heart. Thank you Hans! There's so much to digest and I'll continue going over the calls and materials."

~ Carolina Zhen


"Hans, I appreciate everything you do and the wisdom you share with us... it's invaluable and I'm putting it to use. Even though I started late in life, it's never too late to start!"

~ Paul E Miller


"Thank you so so much Hans Johnson, I have gone through your teachings and get that they are very encouraging and can take a person from dust to the higher level! I am running an orphanage that has more than 380 orphan children and I would like to learn more from you people that has succeeded so that we can also make good plans for the future of these orphans and for our family. I would like to visit you in one of your seminars so that I can learn more from you and hear the testimonies from the members face by face! hope this will encourage me more! You know if the head is good all the containers are safe, I know after attending one of your business seminar I will will not remain the same, in fact I will become one of the teachers encouraging other people what to do. Blessings to all!"

~ Tim Kingoro


"Thank you! The session today was awesome! So wish I had something like this 10 years ago, would have absolutely been in a different place. Never late, however!"

~ Jacob Joel


"Thank you so much for this app and the class! It is very very timely. My husband and I are new to TWF and have been feverishly going through the videos and the 1st call. Everything is really easy to digest and understand! I highly, highly recommend this course to everyone!"

~ Amy Lee


"I'm sitting down and focusing on my TWF homework this afternoon... thinking on everything that changed in me through the last TWF course and the years since, and now the beginnings of a new epoch in my life and in our home with this new course. Every part of my journey with Destiny Global has begun with being accepted by people who have no reason to... and with the encouragement to dream. This class is the same. You invite us and accept us into your world... and then show us we can dream... and then show us how to make those dreams real. This implementation class is equipping us to succeed. It is a safe, welcoming place. It is direct and to the point. It is useful information for this time in our lives. Thank you so much for caring about us enough to come back!"

~ Brad Harmsworth


"Thanks Hans; this is exactly what I Needed"

~ Dave & Carla Abrams


"Loved the first class. Your sincerity and straightforward approach is refreshing. The "take ownership" message you're spreading is so important for people to hear. I hope and pray that this is the type of information spread around the globe. It's certainly going to be echoed in my household and community. In the words of Jobs, "let's put a dent in the universe"!"

~ Shaun Schneider


"It's hard for me to put into words how much your true wealth formula system in addition to Dani's nuclear coaching classes that we also took several years ago about the same time as I did your true wealth formula classes the last time that you did them. We have paid off over $450,000 of debt a lot of it was business debt but also a lot of personal debt!! :-) thanks to you and thanks to the God we serve I still battle with all the different checking accounts how you said to set them up but we are on the right track, I believe! My wife and I have accumulated over $200,000 in assets and investments since we started applying the nuclear coaching from your wife!!! and also since I did the true wealth formula back in 2013 I believe it was."

~ Glenn Beechy


"Hans's TWF Coaching gave us the tools and knowledge to finally make a huge financial difference in our lives. In just 6 short months, we have cut our nasty debt in half and have DOUBLED OUR INCOME!!! What so insanely powerful about the Wealth Builder is that we are learning the spiritual laws of wealth. We're breaking the ugly, generational strongholds of being broke, and shifting financial significance into our family's favor. Wow! Super stoked!!! Thanks Hans!"

~ Josh Johnson


"Hey Hans, just wanted to let you know that my team and I are studying your model because we are considering adopting it in our firm. I have been to about 15 events with Dani and heard you speak a few times. I also helped Brad Harmsworth move to ATL and is a close friend and neighbor of mine. He has edified you like crazy and I am here in part because of what he has shared with me. As a fiduciary in the financial services industry for almost 20 years, what you teach is far and away different from what I studied (BBA in Finance) and what I was trained in at Morgan Stanley in 2000. I want to set my clients up for great results and not be another 98% financial advisor."

~ Christ Stallings


"LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR Creating a DYNASTY segments! Your efforts in increasing your skill, your humility in sharing your mistakes and challenges, and your sharing valuable information, teaching, and help getting started are beginning to show fruit! If we did not have TWF(Hans) and Destiny Global(Dani), we would have been 2 more sad causalities sucked into death of dreams, death of our marriage and worse of all, death spilled into the next generation for who knows how long! We saved thousands combing through the sheet on ways to save money! Using the 70-10-10-10 we automated giving and taking money off the table! We have paid off $332,000 and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We listened as a family to TWF classes! We have hope for us and our children and we will leave a legacy! What you are doing is glorious!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!"

~ Diane McCracken


"For years in business school, I was an accounting major. Then I reached International Coorporate Accounting Part 2, and that stuff is such a mess that I swore I would never take another accounting class again, and I didn't. But, I've had the belief since then that I suck at accounting and don't understand any of it. I've been afraid of any calculation, statement, or ANYTHING accounting related. FEAR NOT. Thank you. I think you're starting to break down that belief, that barrier. Maybe those years of study will suddenly creep out from under a rock or something and it will even feel familiar. I appreciate your efforts and wanted you to know this session followed the nasty fruit to a powerful root. Thank you."

~ Mercedes Dauphinais


"Honestly, this is the first time EVER (age 45, happily married 21 years, 4 kiddos) that I am FIRED up to learn once and for all these concepts as well as take action. Thank you for explaining and keeping all simple. This is going to take our family, legacy and financial stewardship to the next level."

~ Amy Dudley


"Hans, I'm so grateful to have you in my life I cannot explain that enough. You inspire me and have helped me through a really difficult season in my life. I'm starting to see some amazing fruit in our lives. im totally dumbfounded at the sprouts that are growing. April will allow us to re-calculate our numbers but we are almost positive we are living off less then 50% of our job income. So we are going to re adjust our ratios to 10% for the giving, 20% wealth, 10% debt and 10% travel. Now we have 2 rentals, some money in peer 2peer lending and my crypto adventures. We have 2 PCs running and now 2 different cloud contracts. I was looking at it and I think it's funny. I have taken what you taught me to heart so far that we have been using our speculation money to buy cashflowing speculations, lol."

~ Mike Gibson