Mega Trend: Global Internet Consumption

By Hans Johnson on 11/07/2016

Let's talk about trends. Specifically mobile. When you look at the stats and graphs, the picture is pretty clear when it comes to media consumption.

Desktop trends are straight down and mobile trends are straight up.

2016 was the year that global mobile internet traffic officially overtook desktop traffic and it will only accelerate as the IoT (Internet of Things) trend picks up steam.

After 3 years of working on a very time consuming and challenging project, I finally have some personal time opening up now to do a little wealth coaching and mentoring again, which I’m really excited about because a lot has changed in the last couple years.

The thing is, ultimately it comes down to the delivery platform and it’s painfully clear (for better or for worse) that where we're all spending time now in the new economy is on our mobile devices.

Nobody really sits in front of a keyboard and screen anymore (unless it’s for work related purposes). Generally when we consume media and information, it’s mostly via a mobile device.

If you're in business, I think this is an important trend to be aware of. And as many pro investors have stated, "don't fight the trend"!

So... I'm excited to announce today the release of our brand new Wealth Builder app available for immediate download in the Apple Store and also in Google Play!


For those of you who have access to the True Wealth Formula and/or eMarketing Formula home study courses, these programs are now available inside the new Wealth Builder app. This means you can access, review and study the content anyplace anytime right from your mobile device. You can even listen to audios in background mode while doing other tasks.

I'm planning to use our mobile app as the primary communication medium moving forward with our TWF & EMF clients.

You can get the app immediately and as I mentioned, if you’re a prior TWF or EMF client you’ll have access to that content. The app is sort of in “experiment” mode for us currently. My hope is to tweak and fine tune it as we go along. I'd love to hear your feedback.

1) Download the app via Apple Store or Google Play.
2) Open the app and register as a user (you can use Facebook or Twitter login).
3) If within 48 hours you don't have access to your previously purchased content (TWF, EMF, etc) then email our Support Center and we'll make sure your content is added to your account. NOTE: you may have to logout then back in for the content to become available in your Wealth Builder app Library. 

That's it for now, I'll work to get another update out soon. In the meantime, please get the app and join our mobile community so we can stay in touch and help you reach your goals. 

Click to learn more.

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