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Latest Articles

Hans Johnson posted on 04/24/2019
Market Hitting All Time High, Here's What Happens Next!
The stock market just hit an all time high.
Hans Johnson posted on 02/27/2019
How To Dominate In Life With Concepts, Strategy & Tactics
One thing we all struggle with today is critical thinking skills.
Hans Johnson posted on 02/25/2019
How To Make Money Your Slave... Forever
This is not one of those posts you want to quickly gloss over. If you're tired of not getting where you want financially, if you're a thinker and a searcher of truth, this is for you.
Hans Johnson posted on 02/23/2019
Why You Should Always Take Money Off The Table
I want to share something with you that's simple to understand but difficult to do because it's very uncomfortable to think about what could go wrong when things are finally going right for us. The mind has a very hard time holding 2 seemingly opposing views or beliefs at the same time. This not only affects our relationship with money but many other areas in life.
Hans Johnson posted on 02/18/2019
2 Big Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make With Their Money
If you're the classic entrepreneur, independent thinker or business minded personality type, there are some huge land minds hidden along the path to success.
Hans Johnson posted on 02/13/2019
Mind hacking secrets to reduce stress, improve communication and master money
A recent study revealed that money was the #1 source of stress for 56% of Americans. It's historically also a primary reason cited for divorce among couples.

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